Mailing List

The wiki doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention. So, I created a Mailman mailing list at . You can sign up from that link, look at archives, etc.

Postings to the list can be sent to . If you are not signed up for the list, they go to me to moderate, and I may not be checking very often.

Moderation: If things ever get crazy on the list, I will turn on moderation for a little while until they cool down. I will also moderate individuals, temporarily, who don't temper their contributions. This is not intended as a punishment, or as a status game. Postings to the list are being archived forever, here and offsite, and I don't want to edit the archives. If a posting will upset or confuse a future dirvish user or client or employer, I may return the mail to you to think about. That includes personality stuff, and claims made for the group without buy-in or consensus.

If any SPAM appears on the mailing list, well, I am still learning how to set up the filters. It does mean the spammer had to sign up. This also means that you have to sign up for the same address that you both send and receive mail. This is a P.I.T.A. (it can be really convenient to have two different addresses for send and receive), but these tools can be kinda stupid.

Have fun!

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