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The current install script, , will be replaced by Module::Build at revision 1.3.1 . This allows us to set install options on the command line. The normal procedure will be something like:

 ./Build.PL <optioms>
 ./Build install <options>

... where the options will include the ability to change installation targets, like so:

 ./Build install  --install_path share=/usr/local/share \
                  --install_path sbin=/usr/local/sbin   \
                  --install_path conf=/usr/local/etc/dirvish

The defaults are set in the BuildDotPL file.

* The dirvish runtime configuration is a separate issue. Probably a configuration script that builds /etc/dirvish/master.conf, and the backup disk. See BetterConfigure .

* Of course, design and usage will be documented.

2005 April 12 KeithLofstrom

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